Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The time has come

Greetings once more to the two or three (maybe even one) people who come to my wonderfull story emporium. Have i got news for you !! ? Yes. Yes i do and my is it special! The time has come for me to do away with facebook and live my virtual life through the wonderous world of blogging. No more mindless liking things or poking sheep or growing stuff. I will be free to wander the internet world where people actually create things and talk to each other, not just have a box with thier face in it that lets people know when they ate a cake and the like. Welcome! welcome my friends to a new era! The era of blogging (which admittedly was the era before facebook as well but nobody's perfect) and join me if you feel so inclined. Together we can make a new world. A world where people matter.!!.!.!!!!..?