Wednesday, 27 November 2013

is this even a thing now

this is a blog? I can't rememeber what is what or why I am reallly. If i write things here will my friends know? Do they write things somewhere and wonder whether I will know? I do not know
But i do know that the good cat malcolm is here ::)

okay then... In case there is anyone there, have a tiny wee micro review thingie (just thoughts and feelings really) on the podtoid podcast thing.

I discovered it by accident a few days ago (can't even remember how) just after the last ever episode had been aired. Many many escipodes to have a go on indeed and there will be more, they have just rebranded a bit.

so what is it?

the podcast seems to consist of three videogame journalists having two hour discussions about very little. The episodes that I have heard have generally all contained a movie idea for willam defoe, some sort of obsurdist fantasty situation where the host, Jim Sterling, contrives new ways in which to humiliate his copodder Jonathan Holmes, possibly some videogame culture discussion/critique and also a question session at the end of each one


I find it quite entertaining I think but it is hard to say for sure whether something is good or whether it is just a nice distraction when I have things that I need to be doing but don't want to. Jim sterling can be incredibly visual in his descriptions of setups and him and conrad play off each other really well. The third guy, Conrad Zimmerman, comes across as a bit arrogant and I rarely find anthing he says to be interesting but I believe that the podtoid thingie does benefit from having an interlocutor to keep the show from becoming too dull. It is often funny but it can also feel a bit too contrived; the show seems to be based around spontaneity but is often rather predictable in where an idea is going to end up (usually poo and jizz). 


The podthingie can be truly funny and can bring up interesting topics of sex and gender issues in games, the rise and decline of different movements within games/ gaming culture but it can also become a bit tedious at times. I guess i would reccomend it to nerds who like to laugh and think about things now and then.... NERD THINGS

I give it 2.5 Flags

*flag system goes from zero to seven- flags are gained by merit, many many things rate at zero flags