Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Oh noo

Sorry to all you sports fans out there but i never got todays story up. I felt it needed some working over before posting but my hands are far too cold to be of any use so you will just have to wait. As i am out tomorrow it could be a while.

For the meatime enjoy my description of a picture of a snake i would have drawn if my hands were not cold.

with a big pointy head and a slimey skin, schuman the snake looked mighty feirce. His body was like a long snakey snake covered in wheels. Schuman had never learned how to move his snakey muscles as his mother died giving birth to him. He had never met his father. He moves by rolling around on tiny wheels made of curled up hedgehogs and he wears a cape that says "if this cape was a fiver then i would be laughing" and he has a slight case of the measels