Monday, 20 December 2010

Faye and Tetley, have a story

The idea of writing stories for people as presents would have gone better if I wrote nice ones. Too late, all done now. They may not be getting nicer in a hurry but the story is interesting, maybe there will be a happy ending, maybe not. At any rate here is the third installment. Enjoy-

In the middle of an afternoon, in the typical warmth of the panty panty summer, there were two space badgers called Faye and Tetley. They were worker badgers and were trusted to care for the grass that covered the majority of the land. The work was hard yet very rewarding; Panty Panty land did look rather lovely.

One day they were sweeping the leaves that had fallen from the old marbot tree when they saw a fox. A fox coming from far far away “hello there fox, lovely day is it not” said Tetley badger in his scrumpy flavoured accent. As the fox was still over 500 miles away he could not hear and it was not until the next day that they managed to get talking.

“I am a fun fox called Chris and I am looking for some friends to go bowling with, would the two of you be interested at all?” asked Chris the pigeon (who is now a fox). “I will even buy the both of you an ice cream to share”

It is well known that if there is one thing that space badgers like it is sharing an ice cream “we shall come with you bowling and be happy space badgers” said Faye and Tetley in unison and the three of them joined hands and skipped off to Steve’s bowling happy happy house.

There were few bowling alleys in Panty Panty and it is fair to say that Steve’s was far from the best of them. It was built in the belly of a whale that had fallen on hard times. The wallpaper was falling off and the lights flickered. As soon as Faye and Tetley badger entered they knew they had made a big mistake by going with the fox “Oh no we have made a big mistake by coming with you Chris the fox!” they cried in unison. Chris the fox was no longer playing the gentlemen and had a distinctly shifty look going on “you badgers stay here while I go get Steve. This place may look a mess but his smile will light up the alley as it will your hearts and we will have a fantastic time of bowling indeed” Needless to say the badgers were too scared to move so they stayed put while Chris the fox went to get Steve. “Ah, here he is” they heard him say and yet the only noise they could hear was the scraping of steel on steel. You should have left Faye and Tetley the space badgers.

Chris the fox returned with the biggest knife either of the badgers had ever seen “oh my that is a big knife” said Faye. Tetley fainted.

The potato king awoke from his slumber in the wild child motel to a curious knocking that sounded like a fox on a door. “Come in sir” he grumbled. In came Chris the fox “what ho! I never thought to see you again. What do you want with me, your future ruler?” asked the potato king. Chris came in the room and the potato king saw he had brought a sack full of bad smell. “What is this sack of bad smell fox?” Without saying a word Chris pulled out the remains of two dead badgers which had been turned into some sort of evil pastry. “Ah hah” said the potato king “evil pastry. You have done well my fox friend, we could use that to poison the king into a state of perpetual grumpiness” Chris was beaming, he had succeeded! Back in the good books with the potato king and their plan for starting a rebellion well on track


The End?